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Minimum Wage

The Law Society of Ontario (“LSO”) is debating mandatory minimum compensation for experiential training for lawyer licensing candidates.

Along with 57 other small firms, we have signed a letter spearheaded by Erin Durant to the LSO on this important issue. We assert that all lawyer licensing candidates should be paid at least the minimum wage and, preferably, a living wage. A link to this letter can be found HERE.

At this week's CCLA Board of Trustee Meeting, the LSO Benchers in attendance communicated two arguments against mandatory minimum compensation. They stated that it risks bringing articling students under the Employment Standards Act and would necessitate the creation of an employment department in the LSO. When asked for more particulars about these concerns, we were advised that the LSO Benchers would make inquiries to share a Report with the CCLA Board Members.

All members of the LSO are encouraged to write to the LSO/their benchers to express their opinion on this important subject.

By Katie Black

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