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Babacar Faye

Babacar Faye will be finishing his final year of the Joint Common Law and Political Science Program at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Common Law.  As a fully bilingual aspiring litigator, he is dedicated to ensuring basic human dignity for all.  To this end, he ran for and was elected President of the University of Ottawa Undergraduate Students' Union in 2020.  There, he advocated on behalf of students to ensure a safe and fair learning environment, one that is free of racism. 

In joining Black and Associates in 2022, Babacar was excited to learn and discover all of the avenues of redress that the law can provide to individuals and organizations that have been wronged.  Despite identifying as an idealist, Babacar believes in the importance of practicality; finding a solution that will work for clients moving forward.  When not supporting the client of the firm, Babacar likes to bake, cook, ride his bike, and spend time with his American Cocker Spaniel Spirou. 

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