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Holiday Cheer For All

At this time of year, our team’s thoughts turn to our wonderful clients and colleagues. We are grateful to all of our friends, new and old.  We want to send you warm wishes for a restful and joyous holiday season.


If this time of year is difficult for you, you are not alone. If you are navigating some challenges, please know that we are thinking of you and are only a message away.


In lieu of gifts to clients and colleagues at the bar, Black & Associates has once again donated to a local charity called the Caring and Sharing Exchange. The Caring and Sharing Exchange’s Christmas Exchange Program provides direct assistance to families in Eastern Ontario. Last year, over 23,000 people were provided assistance through the Christmas Exchange Program, including over 10,000 children and 3,000 seniors. We hope that our contribution, along with those by hundreds of other people in the region will help make the season merry and bright for all.


May your upcoming year be filled with meaningful connection, growth, and positive experiences! Have an exceptional 2024 friends!

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