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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, in 1945, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp was liberated. That day, and those that followed, the world stood witness to the massive scale of the genocide committed against the Jewish People and others during the Holocaust.

We stand in solidarity with the Jewish Community on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We recognize the profound loss of a people; over six million Jews were murdered.

Antisemitism has not gone away. It is rampant online and in our communities. A swastika was painted on our Courthouse last year. It is not enough to simply say "never again".

It is our obligation, an obligation owed to the millions of victims of hate and their survivors, to educate our children on the Holocaust, and challenge antisemitism in all its forms. On behalf of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, through our litigation, we try to limit the harm caused by neo-Nazis and their use of social media platforms to disseminate hate.

Take a moment today to learn and stand in witness to the millions of lives taken during the Holocaust. Do what you can to honour their loss by combating antisemitism and hate.

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