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Great News! The Law Commission of Canada is Back

Allan Rock did a number of great things during his time in office. My personal favourite was his 1996 re-introduction of the Law Commission of Canada ("Commission"). Minister Rock reinstated the Commission after the Conservative Government disbanded it in 1992. He tried solidifying the Commission's role within Canada's legal landscape by making it an apolitical statutory body i.

The Law Commission of Canada gave advice to the Federal Government on matters of law. By bringing together the smartest legal minds, the Commission sought to ensure that Canada's existing legislation developed in a manner responsive to the changing needs of society. If legislation was lacking, the Commission would recommend ways to improve it, such as, for example:

  • The introduction of Unified Family Courts in most Canadian Provinces (1974)

  • The removal of restrictions on same-sex marriages (2002), and

  • The introduction of mixed member proportional representation (2004).

In 2006, the Commission saw its demise yet again at the hands of the Conservatives. The Commission's funding was cut. Evidence based policy making must not have been a priority at the time. But, guess what? The Law Commission of Canada is back!

The 2021 Budget reintroduced $18M over five (5) years in funding for the Commission. Certain members of the legal community, myself among them, could not have been happier when it was announced in 2021. Canadians should expect the best in legal policy development and the Commission will help us achieve this exacting standard.

Why am I posting about the Commission? It is not simply that I am an enormous fan of the Commission's work and have been calling on the federal government to reinstate its funding since 2016. It is because they are looking for a President of the Commission (full-time) and part-time Commissioners. Smart jurists of Canada - PLEASE APPLY.

It is critical that we have brilliant legal minds in these roles. Candidates should apply online via the Governor in Council Appointments website HERE. They will start reviewing candidates' applications on January 17, 2022. Get cracking.

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