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Preparing for a hearing? Take these sage words of advice from a goat

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Have you ever caught yourself thinking: “I wish there was a feature-length, low-budget, computer-animated parody of Little Red Riding Hood from the early 2000’s containing a super relatable musical metaphor for the importance of adequately preparing for a court hearing?” Probably frequently, right?

Well, luckily for those of you who find yourselves in this relatable situation, you need not look any further than the teachings of Japeth: the wise goat from the Hoodwinked franchise. His sage advice is as follows: BE PREPARED! According to Japeth, this lesson must be shared, and who are we to disagree? Consider the lesson shared:

At 0:44, Japeth shows us the value of ensuring that we have all of the tools we could possibly need readily available to us.

At 1:53, Japeth shows us that even when we think we are prepared, the unexpected can still happen. We certainly can all relate to the phrase: “An avalanche is comin’ and I do not feel prepared!”

But alas, at 2:36, Granny shows us that there is always a solution at our fingertips when these unexpected situations arise.

And finally, at 2:59, Japeth shows us that even in situations where we initially think we are not prepared…we actually were all along.

Pretty apt metaphor for the life of a litigator if you ask me.

Kelli Day

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