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Happy Anniversary Black & Associates!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Imagine, three lawyers sitting around a table thinking about the best way to practice law. Law is a calling. Litigation should be one tool among many to help people resolve their disputes. Advocacy must be of the highest standard, always. Clients must be empowered as central members of the litigation team. And, without exception, people should be treated with respect both within the firm and without.

The time between that moment and now is a long story, full of exceptional clients, lots of laughs, successes, and lessons learned. Now four lawyers strong and with the support of a law clerk, paralegal, and an articling student, Black and Associates is celebrating its anniversary.

Just as it takes a community to raise a child, it takes community to help a law firm grow and thrive. We wanted to take this opportunity thank everyone who has, at various stages in Black and Associates' history, played an important role in furthering our cause. If you’re not on this list it doesn’t mean that we have forgotten you. You know who you are and how you have helped. Thank you.

We wouldn't have gotten here without you:

My husband, whose unfailing patience, support and humour are, in and of themselves, one of the greatest wonders of the world. So many great ideas came from your guidance.

My dear friends and colleagues Sarah Lag and Kelli Day, whose shared talent and support inspired us to take the leap and start our firm. Your achievements at Black and Associates are too many to list.

Monika Lunan our very first hire, a friend with remarkable accounting skills.

Eugene Meehan, the best friend and mentor a group of lady lawyers could have, whose own success in building his firm of Supreme Advocacy LLP created the roadmap for Black and Associates.

Vanessa Poirier for taking a leap and becoming our second hire, taking a job with a friend which would require her legal skills and her incredible multimedia talent.

Amy Savage for her bravery and willingness to learn PC Law, and keen mind in helping us re-engineer the way the business worked.

Katherina Schneider for changing our lives when she joined our team. Kat, you make every day even better than the last.

Desneiges Mitchell and Rachel Leck, the greatest of friends whose unconditional support and keen legal minds have ensured continued excellence.

Sarah’s husband, whose incredible support and knowledge about all things technology is unparalleled.

Kelli’s friend Cliff, whose handiwork, help with the move, and early contributions to our branding were so appreciated.

Our friends – all of team awesome – everyone who has ever worked with us, supported us, who wished us well on our journey. You’re all missed and we can’t wait to celebrate with you in person. Thank you.

To our clients – far too many great names to list – thank you for allowing us to innovate and trusting us to deliver.

To our mentors – Frank, the Chief, Giovanna, Paul, Ron, Carole, Kathleen, Glenn, Ivan, Debbie, Michael, George, MOJAG, Jane, John, Pui-Ling, Ian, Adam, Marnie, Karen, Chris, Yasir, Jeff, Alex, Robert, Chuck, Rob, Eytan, Liam, David, Francois, Laura, Ella, Caitlin, Ineke & Rob, Jamie & Brian, Houria & Mustapha, Gail & Brian, and Suzanne & Rick. We would not have made the right decisions without your guidance. We cannot thank you enough.

And finally, to the many supporters who have shared our blog posts, recommended us to colleagues and clients over the years, you all know who you are and we want to say thanks to all of you for your support.

Collectively you have taught us that excellence is an iterative process. It is achieved through seamless teamwork. We could not be more blessed. You are good people. Good people need to stick together. Thank you.

Katie Black

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