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Great Access to Justice Resources

As community minded lawyers, we are huge fans of the organization Connecting Ottawa. They bring together frontline workers with access to justice service providers. In so doing, they help people find legal services and social services.

This month, Connecting Ottawa has published some helpful resources. We encourage our readers to republish these useful links.

Legal Aid Ontario and Community Legal Clinics - New Connecting Ottawa Infosheet - There is much confusion regarding the difference between Legal Aid Ontario and community legal clinics. This Infosheet explains the difference between the two and the various areas of law that they service.

Commissioners of Oaths - You can access a Commissioner of Oaths at the City of Ottawa. The requirements for what to bring are listed on the City's website.

Legal Aid Ontario Information Re Criminal Charges - Legal Aid Ontario has prepared an excellent resource regarding what happens when you are criminal charged. It can be accessed here.

Parkdale Food Centre Opens Community Advocacy Office - The Parkdale Food Centre, an incredible organization, has now opened an advocacy office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11AM - 2PM. By drop-in or appointment, individuals can meet with a service provider to identify needs and obtain assistance accessing available resources.

Thank you Gina at Connecting Ottawa for providing such an important service to frontline workers and those in our community who are trying to facilitate access to justice. We appreciate the hard work of you and your team!

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