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Fundraising Campaign and Soiree in Support of Syrian Refugees

Lawyers within the Ottawa Legal Community helped hundreds of Syrian refugees come to Canada via private sponsorships.  

Lawyers within our community donated funds, joined sponsorship groups, and gave legal assistance to such groups thereby changing the life trajectories of hundreds, and for generations to come. 

We need your help again! Turkey’s announced deportation to Syria of over 1 million Syrian refugees will have an enormous negative impact on an already vulnerable population.

Join us on June 8th, 2024 for a Fundraiser Dinner from 5-8PM at the Champlain Towers in support of Syrian Refugees.  Delicious Syrian food and entertainment will be provided. For more information on the Fundraiser Dinner, please email Claudia at

If you cannot attend the fundraiser event, please consider making a direct charitable donation HERE. Tax receipts will be provided.

Many thanks. You have the opportunity to change lives. - Katie Black

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