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Call for Volunteers - Ottawa Pro Bono Employment Law Clinic

What: The Ottawa Pro Bono Employment Law Legal Clinic is getting ready to serve clients from May to August, inclusive, for its 4th consecutive summer. Founded in the Spring of 2020, and, with the ongoing support of volunteers, the Pro Bono Employment Law Clinic provide free employment law services to those on or below the poverty line.

Purpose: The Clinic provides: (1) Pro Bono legal services to people facing unemployment who cannot afford a lawyer and (2) an experiential learning opportunity for law students.

When: The clinic is from mid-May to August inclusive.

Clinic Structure: Volunteer practitioners are paired with uOttawa law students taking the Employment Clinic Internship. The Clinic performs client intakes, confirms the limited retainer and client ID virtually, and pairs eligible clinic clients with a volunteer lawyer/student team. Law students prepare any required legal opinions to be reviewed by the lawyer.

The legal opinion is presented to the client remotely. If requested, law students prepare any required demand letters, pleading or human rights complaints to be reviewed by the supervising lawyer. The Clinic retainer expires with the preparation of the pleading which the client can file as a self-represented litigant.

Volunteer Commitment: We need volunteer lawyers willing to donate 5-8 hrs/wk from May to September, 2023. Holidays can be accommodated.

Contact Information: If you are interested in donating your time and/or precedent materials, please contact Kelli Day at Please indicate your year of call, language proficiency, and a brief description of your employment law experience.

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