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Black & Associates Congratulates the 2024 CCLA Award Recipients!

On behalf of the team at Black & Associates, we wish to extend our congratulations to the formidable 2024 CCLA Award recipients, who were honoured on June 13th at the Shaw Centre. The evening was marked by many tales of the immeasurable contributions by so many members of our tight but mighty legal community that are most worthy of recognition.  

  • Rosalind Conway

The Carleton Medal


  • Meaghan McMahon

The Regional Senior Justice Award


  • The Hon. Robert Beaudoin

The Legal Innovator Award


  • Susan E. Galarneau

The Hon. Heidi Levenson Polowin Award for Family Law


  • Lynn Le Mesurier

The Abe Feinstein Solicitors Award


  • Amri Murray and Lorenzo Patino

The Paralegal Award


Last, but certainly not least, we would be remiss if we failed to recognize the members of the class of 1974 celebrating 50 years at the bar: John Callan, John Cardill, D. Kenneth Gibson, Lyon Gilbert, George D. Hunter, John E. Johnson, John K. Kebe, Verna Krishna K.C., Jennifer Leddy, Howard A. Lithwick, Peter Mirsky, Donald E. Ray, David R. Shelly, Brian Smith, Hon. David Wake, and Eric Williams.


As Justice Beaudoin mentioned in his remarks, the Ottawa bar is truly remarkable, and we are grateful for the camaraderie and support from you all. Upwards and onwards!

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