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A Woman Too Thoughtful To Be Labeled Conservative Or Liberal

The Notorious R.B.G., Joan Ruth Bader Ginsberg, passed away yesterday. With her passing comes the loss of one of my lifetimes' great ethical and moral leaders.

When asked why she became a lawyer, she cited the teachings of Richard E. Cushman on the Red Scare, "He wanted me to be aware that our country was straying from its most fundamental values. He pointed out that there were lawyers standing up for people called before the investigating committees. Lawyers who were reminding our Congress that we have a first amendment guaranteeing us the right to think, speak and write as we believe and not as a big brother government tells us is the right way to think, speak, and write. And also that we have a privilege against self- incrimination. So reading about what those lawyers were doing I got the idea that being a lawyer was pretty nifty thing. I hoped that I could get a paying job but also spend my time trying to make things a little better in the communities in which I lived”. (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg visits Berkeley Law)

Her career as a lawyer and judge was more than nifty; it was momentous. Her paying jobs enabled her to make a profound impact on the lives of millions. Thank you.


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