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Celebrating International Women's Day

By Katie Black - I am blessed to work in a law firm made up exclusively of brilliant and talented women; advocates who understand business, people, and the art of persuasion. It is with great pride that I celebrate their courage and dedication, and the incredible work of women across the world towards achieving equality for all.

To the female leaders in the legal community, the women who fought so that we could become lawyers, thank you. Your advocacy - how you earned respect and demanded it - continues to inspire. We hope to make you proud.

We cannot celebrate the advances of women in the legal profession without acknowledging the privilege that a university education provides. On this day of recognition, it is imperative to highlight the disproportionate and regressive impact that COVID-19 has had on gender equality. Globally, the rates of domestic violence have increased along with unpaid childcare duties, unemployment and poverty. For International Women's Day, we #choosetochallenge our community to change the root causes of gender-based violence. We have much to do.

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